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Minong Area Chamber of Commerce

Minong Area Chamber of Commerce
The Chippewa called it Pleasant Valley..and they were right..Come see why..
 Minong Area includes the following towns and villages.  

•Village of Minong 
•Town of Minong 
•Town of Wascott 
•Town of Frog Creek 
•Town of Brooklyn 
•Town of Chicog 
•Town of Gordon 

We all share the natural recreational resources of thousands of acres of forested public land, dozens of accessible clear water and other types of lakes and the Namekagon, Totogatic and St. Croix rivers.

Our wildlife ranges from birds of song and prey, to wolves, deer, ducks, skunks, partridge, foxes, black bear, cougar, elk, moose and an occasional Sasquatch.

Our neighborhood encompasses 360 square miles which is 7 times larger than Cook County, IL which includes Chicago. The difference being they have a population of 5,217,080 and we have a combined population of 5,085, which only means that there is more natural habitat for you to explore.

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